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Adding this to both places where it's uploaded. I can't pretend I actually touched The Unliving Dread lately - and yeah, stuck on *first* page. I don't want to disappoint people holding them back for months for something more experienced comic artists do in a week, and I certainly don't want to add to the cliche of webcomics that never finish but never get any updates.

However, the story itself is still something I want to tell. So I'm cancelling the comic, not The Unliving Dread, and I'll do more of a single picture per part of the story once I'm done with other projects. Of course, where I put the Skylanders pictures/general fanart. Refer to previous journal.

Still not sure what to do with this account. Haven't done a lot of digital original art, and scanner eats most of the traditional ones. I'm still sorely disappointed with the dA support(dA in general actually), and unfortunately there isn't much that compares to this site in casual easy to search art and fanart -  not that it's a compliment. Trying to put the comic on tumblr already showed it's a nightmare, so that's out. So, while I don't blame anyone for unwatching, don't lose your hope in an update in the future. Happy new years!


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